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Government Information on Veterans: Home

Provides information on accessing libraries resources on veterans and veterans affairs policymaking from U.S. Government and non-U.S. Government sources.

Government Information on Veterans

Veterans play an important role in the history and current policymaking environment of the U.S. and other countries.  After returning from military service, they often face acute challenges finding work, dealing with service related physical and mental health problems, gaining access to appropriate education, and reintegrating into society.  Governments at all levels of U.S. society are involved in efforts to assist veterans and produce voluminous amounts of literature describing these programs.  Sometimes these programs are successful and sometimes they fail causing significant harm to veterans and to society at large.  This guide will provide access to government information resources dealing with veterans and veterans policymaking.  Examples of subject searches you can do in the Purdue Libraries online catalog to find information on veterans include:

United States Dept of Veterans Affairs
United States Dept of Veterans Affairs Appropriations and Expenditures

Veterans Hospitals

Veterans Medical Care

Non-U.S. Government research centers and databases providing information on veterans include:

Military Family Research Institute (Purdue University)
Rand Corporation Veterans
America:  History and Life (Articles from U.S. and Canadian History journals (Purdue users only)
Historical Abstracts (Articles from history journals covering the rest of the world)(Purdue users only)
PAIS International (Articles from political science journals, think tank research, and selected U.S. Government documents)(Purdue Users Only)
PubMed (Arcticles from medical journals)(Purdue users only)


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