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GIS Data Guide: GIS Learning Resources

A concise list of important resources available to you on the web and at Purdue.

GIS courses offered at Purdue

At Purdue, GIS related courses are offered in different departments including Forestry and Natural Resources, Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc.

Check here for a list of available courses.

Please contact if you have any question or want to add a course in this list.

ESRI Virtual Campus Courses

Purdue University site license with ESRI provides many web-based training modules. Check out the ESRI training page to find your interested courses. Note that many web courses on the training page have a cost such as $32, contact us for an access code to take these courses for free! Please include the course name and your status at Purdue when contact us for the course access code.

GIS Book Finder

Getting to know GIS


Spatial Analysis

GIS Development

GIS across Disciplines

GIS Specialist