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Endnote Basic: COLLECT: Add Citations from Google Scholar

This guide highlights the unique features of EndNote Basic (previously EndNote Web). EndNote Basic is free and can be used with or without EndNote Desktop software.

Troubleshooting for PCs

If the files from Google scholar won't import into EndNote online but just download, find one of those RIS files in the downloads folder and,

  • Right click on the RIS file, choose "open with" and "other".
  • Select the Researchsoft web export helper in the path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Risxtd\Risweb32.exe"

Trouble Shooting exporting from Google Scholar to Endnote Basic

Video on Using CAPTURE

Troubleshooting for MAC

Endnote Basic is not working with the new version of Firefox!   No estimated time frame on a fix, but I assume they are working pretty hard to solve this. 

In the meantime here are some options:

  • The best option:  use Google Chrome.
  • Second option: use the older version of Firefox for Endnote searching.
  • No need  to download the plug-in again, but if this is necessary try a browser other than Firefox.


Old Note:

On a Mac computer if Google Scholar citations do not export to Endnote Basic

  • Use  Firefox as browser*
  • Install the Firefox plug-in located in your Endnoteweb account at the bottom of page

*(Best to use Firefox for all Endnote work, but Chrome will work if just using you Endnote Library.)

Google Scholar Settings

Step #1: Go to to load Google Scholar

                      Open the menu and choose Settings



Step #2:

 Step #3

How to export multiple citations from GS to Endnote Basic

Yes, you can export up to 20 citations at a time from Google Scholar into EndNote

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Change "Results per page" from the default 10 to 20. This is currently the highest you can choose.  When you search you can save the citations you're interested in. They'll be added to "My Library."
  3. When you're finished saving the relevant citations, Go to "My Library" 
  4. Check the top box to select all 20 displayed citations
  5. Click on Export