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Endnote Basic: Organize: Create & Share Groups

This guide highlights the unique features of EndNote Basic (previously EndNote Web). EndNote Basic is free and can be used with or without EndNote Desktop software.

Organize: Video on Creating and Managing Groups (or folders)

Click on hotlink below to see video created by from Manchester Metropolitan Library so it has a enjjoyable British accent.  

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Natasha Johnson Math
Hal Kirkwood Management, Economics,   Ag Econ, HTM, CSR
Judy Nixon  Education, Liberal Arts, Human Development & Family Studies
Megan Sapp Nelson Engineering, Technology
Amy Van Epps Science, Engineering,  Technology
David Zwicky   Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Engineering

Organize: Creating Subject Groups and Sharing Your Citations with Colleagues

  • Create a new Group by clicking on the "Organize" tab.
  • Delete any Group by clicking on the "Delete" icon in the last column of the table.
  • Share any group by checking the box and then clicking on the "Manage Sharing" icon.
  • You can designate sharing status as "Read only" or "Read & Write".  See example below: