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Duke Energy Academy : Renewable Resources

Provides guide to government energy policy information resources for high school students participating in the Duke Energy Academy June 22-28, 2014.

Renewable Resources Includes Energy Efficient Cooling

Energy Consumption by Sector (Source:  Energy Information Administration (EIA) Monthly Energy Review April 2018)

Energy Dept. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy  (Seeks to develop and deploy energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to strengthen U.S. security, environmental quality, and economic growth.)

Heating & Cooling Your Home for Less (Federal Trade Commission-FTC)

Home Cooling (DOE)

Home Cooling Systems (DOE)

Ductless Heating &  Cooling (DOE)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) (Conducts research in emerging energy technology areas.)

NREL Bioenergy Research

NREL Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Research

NREL Pholtovoltaic Research

NREL Wind Research

Electricity from Low-Temperature Waste Heat (DOE Advanced Energy Projects Agency (ARPA-E &  Texas A&M University)

Smart Grid Energy (Provides information about DOE smart grid energy programs.)

Energy Dept. Batteries

Energy Dept. Bioenergy

Energy Dept. Energy Storage

Energy Information Administration Renewable and Alternative Fuels

Energy Information Administration Nuclear and Uranium

Energy Information Administration Environmental

Energy Information Administration Residential Energy Consumption Survey (NEW)

EPA Combined Heat & Power Partnership

Renewable Energy R&D Funding History:  A Comparison With Funding for Nuclear Energy, Fossil Energy, and Energy Efficiency R&D (October 10, 2014 CRS report)

Waste Heat Recovery :  Technology & Opportunities in U.S. Energy (2008 DOE Report)

Waste Heat to Power Systems (2015 EPA Factsheet)

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