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SCI 360 Natural Hazards Resiliency : Keeping current

Finding RSS feeds

You can use a directory of RSS feeds, like the RSS Network to search for feeds.  Or you can do a quick google search on "<keyword/phrase> and rss".  Once you start following RSS feeds,  you will notice the little RSS icon everywhere.

Stay informed and in the know!

News, news, everywhere.  How can you manage to keep up with everything that is happening in the world and in your profession?

Making the time to at least glance at headlines is important.  You can sign up for email alerts, subscribe to trade journals, or watch high quality blogs.

Popular science journals such as Nature, Science, and Scientific American communicate the hot topics and important discoveries in all areas of science. 

In addition to training yourself to go out and find new information, there are various "push" technologies that send information out to you.  One example is the RSS feed, which is represented by the symbol .

Just a few of the of the many technologies you can use to keep track of news feeds include