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SCI 360 Natural Hazards Resiliency : Important databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an enhanced version of Google that targets scholarly literature.  Google Scholar interfaces with Purdue Libraries databases to reflect which articles we have full-text access to.  Google Scholar can help fine tune your internet searches. 

Be advised that Google Scholar has been known to contain incorrect or incomplete information.  If you are trying to conduct a comprehensive literature search, Google Scholar is a great place to start, but it should not be the only resource you use.

A few databases to get you started

Looking for journal articles?  Here is a brief list of databases subscribed to by the Purdue Libraries.  Most of them contain at least partial full-text. 

Look for the icon to link to full-text in another database.

Science-oriented databases

Policy/Society databases

  • PAIS International  Covers political, social, and policy issues of all sorts.
  • Sociological Abstracts Covers sociological issues, including activism & action research, community organization, the media, political science.  Good place to look for information about attitudes and behaviors.

Economic/Business databases

Reading Science

Do you REALLY know how to read a scientific research paper?  This handy tutorial will help you navigate even the toughest journal article.

Other sites of interest