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INDIGO News Vol. 19, #1 Winter 2014: Home

New issue of INDIGO Newsletter.


INDIGO News Volume 19, #1 Winter 2014

The Historical Office of the Secretary of Defense    provides ample documentation of this office and its activities since from its creation in 1949 to the present.  Information resources provided here include materials on the Pentagon's construction and renovation, biographies of Secretaries of Defense from James Forrestal to Chuck Hagel, historical materials on defense acquistion including books such as Defense Acquistion Reform, 1960-2009:  An Elusive Goal. 

Additional noteworthy features provided by this office include oral history interview transcripts, the multivolume authorized histories of the Office of the Secretary of Defense which currently cover until 1969 with the most recent volume being Volume 6, McNamara, Clifford and the Burdens of Vietnam, 1965-1969.   This site also includes departmental annual reports from 1969-2005, video webcasts of recent office sponsored historian lectures, and links to other military history office websites.  This resource should be an essential visiting destination for anyone interested in recent U.S. military history and policymaking. (Bert Chapman).

Purdue Libraries News-Bert Chapman's new book Export Controls:  A Contemporary History has been published by University Press of America.  As part of a CIC consortial purchase, we have gained access to ProQuest's CIC Executive Branch documents from 1789-1932 via ProQuest Congressional.which will further enhance users access to critically important U.S. History documents.  I have also contributed material on the history of U.S. Government energy and climate change policy and comparable material on Chinese and Russian energy and climate change policy to the forthcoming Purdue University Press book Understanding the Global Energy Crisis.       I I am also involved as an embedded instructor in the

Global Policy issues course offered by
Purdue's Global Policy Research Institute this spring as I have been for the previous two springs semesters. (Bert Chapman)

Indiana University Bloomington News-INTERN

1. Preparing a Preamble Scramble for Constitution Day, a fill-in-the blank interactive display of the words to the U.S. Constitution's preamble, staffed our

    lobby information table, and gave away over 300 pocket constitutions.

2. Filling in HathiTrust Congressional Record gaps.  Itemized which issues/volumes are not yet digitized within the Hathitrust.  She also wrote up  
     procedures and we hope to work on the top 50 U.S. reference documents within the Hathitrust.

3. Worked on the CD-ROM/Floppy Disk Virtualization Project, preparing items to be added once our IT department gets equipment and procedures

4. Helped with GIS Day on November 20.

5. Prepared displays for International Year of Statistics, Statehood Day for Indiana, and Constitution Day.

6. Staffed our desk and answered reference questions.

New Resources:  IUB has subscribed to the ProQuest Historic Vault.  The Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy, 1960-1975 collection provides online access to National Security Agency records previously available in microfilm.  We also have access to various archives related to Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century:  Federal Government Records and Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century:  Orgqanizational Records and Personal Papers, Part 1.

Meet the Press:  Online access to Meet the Press video since the 1950's.  You can watch newsmakers address global issues such as the Berlin Wall, Korea, and other topics.

Newspaper Archive for Indiana.  The Indiana State Library, thanks to NEH Grants, has worked to digitize pre-1923 issues of many Indiana newspapers.  Highlights include Civil War coverage and state government issues.

Thanks to IUPUI, we are fortunate to have really great tools to explore for the upcoming 2016 Indiana Bicentennial.  Be sure to explore their Road to Statehood     digital collection.  Remember the Indiana Historic Maps Digital Collection and the State Library's Map collection in Indiana MemoryOur Indiana Historic maps project has been accomplished through Digial Library Projects and Services by our ILSD (former SLIS) Assistants, Steve Heinen, who graduated in December, and Ryan Randall our 2014 assistant.  Ryan also prepared resources for Indiana Statehood map concerning Indiana authors and worked with Theresa on an updated map of Indiana authors..

Theresa Quill, our Map/GIS coordinator, is completing a map project started by last summer's Intern Jenn Stray.  It is a digitization of Russian Red Army Maps, published before Russia's copyright clearance date of 1942.  It is in Russian and searchable.  Theresa has also worked with several IU researchers using GIS to prepare maps for their publications.

Robert Goehlert retired last December.  Nicolas Wyant started work on October 21 so feel free to email him with reference questions concerning political science, economics, criminal justice, and social work.

Sarah Alexander, or department's reference and technical services associate, is on maternity leave until March.  Her son, Rufus was born on January 1.  Kimberly Horne continues overseeing our microforms and customer services and under her leadership we've had the lowest student employee turnover rate in my time at IUB.

IUB will be getting a completely new website with lots of changes.  I'll try and remember to email the INDIGO List when it happens.

The big news is I retire in April so we will be very busy finishing projects before that date. After that I'll work on INDIGO projects. (Lou Malcomb).


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