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Purdue Discourse Communities and Organizations--ENGL 106: Search University Newspapers

Resources to assist in exploring discourse communities and organizations at Purdue.

Lexis Nexis Database for University Newspapers

The Lexis Nexis database provides access to the full text of selected university newspapers from across the United States. 

Click the link below to connect to the Lexis Nexis database interface, then, look for the "Search by Content Type" box (just above the main search box).  Use the pull-down menu and select NEWS and then ALL NEWS.  

Once you've done that, click on "Advanced Options" (just under the main search box) and under "Source Type," unselect "Newspapers" and select "University Newspapers," then click the red "Apply" button.  

(Sorry this is so obtuse.  Lexis Nexis changes its search interface more than any other database company, and if the above menus are out-of-date, try to examine the News choices until you find one that specifies college or university news sources.)

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