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Beyond JEE: Finding publication venues to get your message to the ‘right’ audience: Engr Educ Results

A quick guide that presents the information included in a 2013 ASEE Annual Conference paper and poster presentation. Updated in August 2014 to include 2013 ranking information.

Sub-category of engineering education titles

Title h-index (PoP) Total of rankings
Journal of Engineering Education * ^  33 3
IEEE Transactions on Education 28


International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education & Life-Long Learning (IJCEELL)  9 2
Computer Applications in Engineering Education 19 1
International Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE) 18 1
European Journal of Engineering Education (EJEE) 18 1

Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education & Practice

14 1
Advances in Engineering Education (AEE) 11 1
Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research (J-PEER) 9 1
International Journal of Service Learning in Engineering (IJSLE) 8 1
International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education (IJEEE) 7 1
International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy 6 1
International Journal of Engineering, Social Justice & Peace 6 1
American Journal of Engineering Education (AJEE) 5 1
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education (IJMEE) 4


Journal of Online Engineering Education 4 1
The Online Journal for Global Engineering Education (OJGEE) 3


Journal of Applications & Practices in Engineering Education 2


Engineering Education Letters



Engineering Studies 10 0


* Top 15 Impact Factor rank
^ Top 15 SJR rank
% Top 15 h-index (PoP) rank

# The rankings specific to Engineering Education are heavily influenced by newer, open-access publications that have an h-index via Google Scholar, but minimal or no other typical metrics at this point in their history. 

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