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INDIGO News Volume 14, #1 Spring/Summer 2008: Home

INDIGO News Volume 14, #1 Spring/Summer 2008

Volume 14, #1 Spring/Summer 2008

From the Chair:

Oldenkamp Wins Election!-David Oldenkamp has just been elected the Coordinator/Coordinator-Elect for GODORT's International Documents Task Force.

Andrea Morrison's New Book-Andrea Morrison is the editor of the new book Managing Electronic Government Information in Libraries has justed been published by the American Library Association for the Government Documents Roundtable. Further information is available thru the ALA Store. Work contents include reviews of local, state, federal, and international government electronic resources, detailed descriptions of how to catalog these digital resources, outreach methods for sharing these resources with colleagues and interested users, and practical tips for staying current with electronic government information. (Bert Chapman).

Purdue University Libraries News: Bert Chapman's book Space Warfare and Defense: A Historical Encyclopedia and Research Guide has been published by ABC-CLIO. Bert made a presentation on this book at the recent FDLP Conference in Kansas City which is accessible here on the FDLP desktop. Book content focuses on how important space has become to U.S. and foreign military and intelligence military activities and to the domestic and international economies. The first part is a history of U.S., Soviet/Russian, Chinese, and European Community military space programs and the second part contains research assistance for space policy resources from U.S. Government agencies as well as U.S. and international research institutions, and scholarly monographs and journals. He also did a presentation with Lou Malcomb and Marianne Ryan on the Indiana Government Document Light Archive and the role of government information in academic libraries for the Purdue Libraries Deans Advisory Council. The Purdue Libraries and the Purdue Provosts Task Force on Scholarly Communication will present a conference called "The (e)volving World of Scholarly Communication and its Impact on Your Promotion and Tenure" on May 6. Information on this event can be found here The documents collection is focusing is retrospective cataloging efforts on light archive agencies. We have made great progress retrospectively cataloging paper Transportation Dept. publications and microfiche from the Defense Department and EPA. (Bert Chapman)

Federal Food Safety Resources-Food safety has been in the news in recent months and there are a number of federal resources users can turn to for additional information. Many laws are in Title 21 of the U.S. Code with sample chapters from this section on food inspection including Chapter 9 covering the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Chapter 12 covering meat inspection, and Chapter 15 Egg Products review. The Code of Federal Regulations contains regulations used to enforce food safety laws with some of these regulations being in Title 21 and others being in 9 CFR 300-599. There are several agencies involved in federal food inspection efforts and you can make whatever conclusion you want about the efficiency of these efforts. The Agriculture Dept's Food Safety and Inspection Service is responsible for regulating meat, poultry, and egg products and their website will contain a variety of useful resources including Quarterly Regulatory and Enforcement Reports. The National Agricultural Library's Food Safety Information Center also features useful resources. The Commerce Department's Seafood Inspection Program provides information about this voluntary inspection program. An EPA pesticides provides additional information, as does, and the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition which is responsible for regulating most other areas of food safety. The origins of federal food safety date back to the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act and Purdue chemistry professor and Indiana state chemist Harvey W. Wiley (1844-1930) and eventually the USDA Chief Chemist was one of the key individuals involved in getting this legislation enacted.

Links to other governmental resources on food safety, including congressional ones, are provided on a website I created for a Food Regulation class at Purdue which is accessible here (Bert Chapman)

United States Bureau of Reclamation-The United States Bureau of Reclamation is an Interior Department agency created as part of the 1902 Reclamation Act. The bureau serves as the U.S.' largest wholesale water supplier and second largest hydroelectric power producers. Its operations ard facilities are concentrated in 17 western states and its facilities provide substantial flood control, recreational, and fish and wildlife benefits. The Bureau's website provides additional information about its operations. Accessible information resources include agency budget information, technical manuals, some research papers, a glossary, information on dams such as Hoover Dam, and information on power plants. Purdue serves as the collection steward library for this agency's publications as part of the Indiana Government Document Light Archive. Additional reading on this agency and background information on federal water policy is provided by William O. Ware, The Bureau of Reclamation (Praeger, 1973), Donald J. Pisani, To Reclaim a Divided West: Water, Law, and Public Policy, 1848-1902 (University of New Mexico Press, 1992), and Donald J. Pisani, Water and the American Government: The Reclamation Bureau, National Water Policy, and the West, 1902-1935 (University of California Press, 2002).(Bert Chapman)

Upcoming Conferences: American Library Association Annual Conference-Anaheim, CA June 26-July 1
American Association of Law Libraries Annual Conference-Portland, OR July 12-15
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