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INDIGO News Volume 13, #2 Fall/Winter 2007-2008: INDIGO News Vol. 13 #2

INDIGO Newsletter

INDIGO News Volume 13, #2 Fall/Winter 2007-2008

Volume 13, #2 Fall/Winter 2007-2008

From the Chair: As a relative Indiana newbie (with a whole two and a half years as a Hoosier!), I was looking forward to the Fall INDIGO meeting at the Indiana State Library on Friday, November 2, 2007. What a great place! The meeting was a success, thanks to our hosts, Jesse Lewis and Katie Springer, and the entire state library staff. Thank you all for the wonderful venue and hospitality.

The meeting focused on three main things: The Indiana Light Archive for Federal Documents, the Business Meeting, and the presentation by Indiana Public Access Councilor Heather Willis Neal. Along with these three main topics, Kirsten Leonard presented the Chair's Recognition of Service Award to Bert Chapman, which is a well-deserved recognition of all that Bert has done over the years to support and advance INDIGO's mission.

Perhaps the biggest thing to come from the fall meeting is that, with the Light Archive initiatives going forward, we hope to reorient INDIGO to focus more on Indiana state documents. While GPO's many changes will continue occupying a chunk of our professional lives, we all seemed to see a need to focus on making sure INDIGO is leading the way on ensuring that Indiana's documents and publications are both documented and preserved for future generations. This will require a ton of work, but it is clear that organizations such as INDIGO are the ideal venue to lead the way in coordinating ambitious initiatives.

Finally, we have assembled a great team of leaders to spearhead these efforts, but it will always be true that every member's eforts will be needed if we are to see success in all of our projects. The new INDIGO Executive Board is:
David Oldenkamp, Chair 2007-2008
Becky Byrum, Asst. Chair/Chair-Elect 2007-2008-Chair 2008/2009
Kirsten Leonard, Immediate Past Chair 2006-2007
Jesse Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer 2006-2008
Bert Chapman, Communications Chair 2006-2008
Lou Malcomb, Programs Chair 2007-2008
Wendell Johnting, FedRec 2006-2008
Tim Sutherland, StateRec 2006-2008

I know that I have already learned a lot from my interactions with INDIGO. I hope that the coming year finds us investigating new projects, continuing to support the Indiana Light Archives initiative, and continuing to share our wealth of expertise in international, federal, state, and local documents across our membership (David Oldenkamp-INDIGO Chair, 2007-2008).

Purdue University Libraries News-Bert Chapman's book Space Warfare and Defense: A Historical Encyclopedia and Research Guide will be published by ABC-Clio in March 2008. General information and a description (including the cover picture) are available here Our retrospective cataloging efforts continue and we have essentially finished cataloging all paper congressional committee hearings and prints from 1975-present. We are cataloging paper copies of agency publications from the late 1970s-early 1990s from agencies we're assuming responsibility for under the Indiana Government Document Light Archive such as EPA, FEMA, the Transportation Dept., and others. We are also beginning to catalog microfiche from the late 1970s-early 1990s from light archive agencies such as NOAA, the Defense Dept., and EPA. We anticipate the continuation of this microfiche cataloging for the foreseeable future. Earlier this year, I had to discontinue cataloging electronic only international and foreign government publications while a group in the Libraries Technical Services Department examined "issues" involved with cataloging born digital resources. They have not reached a verdict as of this writing. I have also assumed the responsibility of being the Political Science Librarian which takes away from some of my time with documents. (Bert Chapman)

Purdue Climate Change Research Center-The Purdue Climate Change Research Center provides interdisciplinary perspectives on climate change topics. Its website can be found at and features research and educational information. (Bert Chapman).

Indiana Light Archive and Reference Training-As we get deeper into implementing the Indiana Light Archive, collection steward libraries will become increasingly responsible for training other librarians in using government agency resources from the agencies for which they serve as collection stewards. I believe all future INDIGO meetings should include time for librarians at collection steward agencies to make brief presentations on the information resources of agencies they are responsible for to enhance awareness of these agencies information resources. (Bert Chapman).

INDIGO Memories and Thoughts: The most lasting memories I have of INDIGO is the camaraderie and passion of the government documents librarians and staff who have faithfully attended INDIGO meetings. When I was first appointed as IPFW's federal depository librarian my qualifications included one library school government documents course and a personal interest in government documents as primary sources for historical research. I had a lot to learn about Federal Depository Library requirements. For me the dedicated government documents profesionals of INDIGO provided information, advice, and lots of inspiration. Some of my favorite memories:

**Attending FDLP conferences with a group of the INDIGO delegation.
**Visiting different depository libraries around the state.
**Programs on Census, GIS, the USA Patriot Act, Agriculture, and Nanotechnology.
**Getting to hang out with other government documents lovers.

You have to be special to love government documents-they don't fit in (the documents, not the people!) the regular collection, they have their own weird classification system, their own acquisitions and processing system, and their finding aids until recently are tools resembling messages in code. INDIGO is my favorite organization and always will be. (Cheryl Truesdell).

Congratulations to Bert Chapman for being awarded with the INDIGO Chair's Recognition of Service Award. Bert continues to contribute to the success of INDIGO through his hard work as Publications Chair. He has supported the INDIGO web page for several years. He has also continued to publish the INDIGO newsletter twice per year. As we all know, it isn't easy to write and it really isn't easy getting others to write! I think it is very important to recognize our longstanding members who continue to contribute in officer positions. For those who are unable to commit to an officer position, there are many ways to contribute on the ad hoc task forces or committees as well as writing an article about government documents for the INDIGO newsletter. All offers to participate are welcome! (Kirsten Leonard).

Congratulations to INDIGO as it begins its 15th anniversary year. Crawford's Bakery made us a fantastic cake to begin our celebrations. Here's to another fantastic 15 years! (note: insert cake photo below).

Highlights from the October FDLP Meeting in Washington, DC:
* One of the major issues addressed by GPO was the change in focus for the inspections from procedural to Public Access Assessments. The focus on the program is on eliminating and reducing barriers the public faces in gaining access to government information in depository libraries. IU-Kokomo has addressed one of the simple problems discussed and that was to include the depository sticker on the outside door to the building that the library is housed in and not just on the door to the library. One issue that is being discussed and has not yet been addressed is collection access for minors. We currently require a photo ID or parent's signature for patron access to electronic information and borrowing privileges. GPO recognizes this as a barrier to minors. One other area GPO is focusing on is barriers to electronic access for the public such as filtering and requiring personal identification. (Kirsten Leonard)
*Another highlight from the meeting was meeting with library staff from Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio depository libraries. We are hoping to forge new cooperative efforts with these states including a joint meeting of INDIGO and state GODORT groups. (Kirsten Leonard).

Indiana State Library News-Thank you to INDIGO for hilding the Fall 2007 meeting here at the Indiana State Library and a special thank you to all members attending the Indiana Light Archive presentation. It was a pleasure meeting everyone Nov. 2 and working with Kirsten and Jesse to finalize fall meeting details. Please contact the Indiana Light Archive planning group as questions come up about this exciting long-term project.

The Indiana State Library has received positive feedback about Friday Facts: Goverment Information You Can Use which we've posted to listservs weekly since the first week in October. Please tell us what is useful to you and what you would like to see in future issues. We are setting up a distribution list for individuals who are not members of listservs.

Reminders about weeding state and federal documents:

DISCARDING STATE DOCUMENTS-Before discarding any state documents, contact Jesse Lewis or (317) 232-3768 with a list of weeded titles. The Indiana State Library may use these items for the permanent collection and future digitization/access projects.

DISCARDING CENSUS MATERIALS-Posting disposal lists is the usual way to weed federal depository documents from your library's collection. The State Data Center appreciates any notification libraries can provide about Census materials being deselected, especially historical and Indiana-related Census materials which are not widely available. Please contact Katie Springer
or (317) 232-3732 with Census Bureau titles (current SuDoc stem C 3.2 through C 3.300+) (Katie Srpinger)

Upcoming Conferences
American Library Association Midwinter Meeting (Philadelphia-January 11-16, 2008)
Spring Federal Depository Library Conference (Kansas City, MO-March 31-April 3, 2008)

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