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Software Code: Documentation and Organization: Subversion (SVN)

A guide for EPICS students to assist them to follow best practices for documenting software code.

What is Subversion?

This video introduces the feature set of the Subversion system, including its ability to allow for multiple users to work on the same file simultaneously. In the video, a general overview of the software is offered, providing a basic foundation for understanding its utility.

Using Subversion with TortoiseSVN

In this video, the basics of utilizing Subversion with the TortoiseSVN Windows plug-in are outlined. The tutorial covers how to check out a working copy of a file, commit changes to the identified repository, and more. Note: There are other methods for utilizing Subversion, based on the operating system in use and/or your preferneces.

Subversion - Best Practices

This video provides a set of best practices developers should implement when utilizing Subversion for version control purposes.