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Service Learning: Service Learning Assessment Tools

A research guide for service learning and civic engagement.

Service Learning Assessment Links

This is a list of resources for service learning assessment.  Clink on the name, and the link will take you to the website that is providing the information.

Quantitative Assessments

For further information on these scales, please go to "The Measure of Service Learning - Research Scales to Assess Student Experiences" by Robert G. Bringle, Mindy A. Phillips, and Michael Hudson

*  Public Affairs Scale

*  Motivation to Volunteer Scale

*  Public Service Motivation Scale

*  Ethics Position Questionnaire

*  Community Service Self-Efficacy Scale

*  Student Development Task and Lifestyle Assessment

*  Community Service Attitudes Scale

*  Global Belief in a Just World Scale

*  Universal Orientation Scale

*  Civic Attitudes

*  Community Service Involvement Preference Inventory

International Service Learning Assessments

This lists consisted of scales and assessments that can be used in international, global, and multicultural studies with a service-learning component.  Some of these scales may have a fee attached to them, while others are free but need permission to use if copywrited.

Curriculum Tool

Take advantage of a new online training companion to the 2006 edition of AACC's book, A Practical Guide for Integrating Civic Responsibility into the Curriculum. AACC's civic responsibility trainers developed a series of free online video training modules as part of a grant from Learn and Serve America. The modules—produced by Central New Mexico Community College—demonstrate how to use the Guide and how to lead a civic responsibility workshop for college faculty and staff. View the AACC Civic Responsibility Modules sequentially (a total of 53 minutes) or individually