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Web of Science: Analysis

Different Kinds of Searches

Here are tips for conducting specific kinds of searches.  Examples are in the middle column of this page.

Citation Reports

Provides aggregate citation statistics for a set of search results. These statistics include:

  • The total number of times all items have been cited
  • The average number of times an item has been cited
  • The number of times an item has been cited each year
  • The average number of times an item has been cited in a year















Analyze Resutls

Analyze Results

See who has worked with other authors, which agencies funded work in this area, or which journals publish on this topic.

Create Citation Reports

After doing a search, select records, then click on Create Citation Report:


Sample Citation Report screen:

Analyze Results

Here is an example of journals ("Source Titles") that publish about ayahuasca:

Subject Guide

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