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Web of Science: General Tips

General Tips

Tip 1:  Be sure you have chosen the the Web of Science database:

Tip 2:    Try author's name in different variants separated by OR

  • last name first name OR last name initials OR last name first initial*
    • nixon judith OR nixon jm OR nixon j*
      •  j* will get all names that start with "j" such as judy or judith (or joseph or jerald, etc.)
      • only use this if you do not have a very common name
  • For Asian names, try the above but include changing the order of the names

Tip 3:   Keep lemmatization on for maximum results

  • "lemmatization" looks for word variants with alternate endings and different verb tenses
    • Turn off if your results are off-topic
    • Use of quotation marks in a search cancels lemmatization


Combining Searches

Tip 4:  The Search History tab shows you the searches you have conducted in that session. You can combine results sets to make more narrow (using AND) or more broad (using OR) search results.

For an example, do a cited reference search for Cooil b or cooil bruce. Select all results and click Finish Search.

Then do a Topic search for film* or movies or television.

Go to the Search History tab, select those 2 results sets with the operator AND. Click Combine.

Search history screen:

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