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HIST 468 Recent American History: Congressional

Provides access to scholarly governmental and non-governmental resources on U.S. History from post-World War II to the present.


Congressional Committee Hearings-(HSSE Documents Y 4 and various breakdowns e.g. Y 4.AR 5/3 (1975-present) for Senate Armed Services Committee hearings and HERE for access to historic hearings by this committee.. These are great information sources because congresional committees have the legal authority to swear in witnesses, feature information from a variety of sources and viewpoints, document committee members questioninf of witnesses and witness responses, and because congressional committees are responsible for approving legislation, funding government programs, and conducting oversight of these programs. Hearing transcripts may include reports submitted by committee members and witnesses.) Visit here for access to additional historic congressional committee publications.

Additional examples of Congressional Committee hearings include:

House Energy and Commerce Committee HSSE DOCS Y 4.C 73/8, Y 4.EN 2/3, and Y 4.IN 8/4 (1975-present).  HERE and HERE historic committee hearings and reports/
Joint Economic Committee HSSE DOCS Y 4.EC 7 (1975-present) and HERE for historic committee hearings and reports.

Congressional Record HSSE Repository X/A (Request at HSSE Circulation Desk)contains the text of congressional debate, recorded votes, legislation, and other helpful information.  It is online prior to 1995 through the Digital U.S. Congressional Serial Set.  

The Congressional Serial Set also includes congressional comittee reports on legislation and selected executive branch and independent agency reports mandated by Congress.

Government Accountability Office (Advises Congress on management performance of government programs)

Congressional Research Service (Courtesy:  University of North Texas Library)
Congressional Research Service (Courtesy:  Library of Congress 2018-present)



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