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HIST 468 Recent American History: U.S. Government

Provides access to scholarly governmental and non-governmental resources on U.S. History from post-World War II to the present.

U.S. Government

U.S. Government Documents
U.S. Government documents are excellent resources for studying the Recent U.S. History. Purdue is one of over 1,200 U.S. federal depository libraries and general information about these resources can be found here which also features research guides for finding government information on various topics.

Government Information Indexes
Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications HSSE Periodicals 016.353 Un36 and its online version covers from July 1976-present with many recent documents being full text online.
Bureau of Labor Statistics-Labor Dept's statistical branch producing information on consumer expenditures, prices, and unemployment.
Congressional Information Service (CIS) Index HSSE REF & 2nd floor periodical stacks 328.73005 C76 (Indexes U.S. Congressional Committee hearings.)
Energy Information Administration (The U.S. Department of Energy's statistical branch preparing qualitative and quantative analysis of energy markets trends and developments).
Federal Digital System (FDSYS)-Provides access to U.S. Government legal, legislative, and regulatory information from 1994/1995-present.

Federal Election Commission (Independent agency responsible for regulating federal elections.  Features extensive campaign finance information.)
Federal Reserve Board (Provides access to current U.S. economic information and information on regional economic conditions produced by regional branches of the Federal Reserve system including those in Chicago and St. Louis.
FRASER (Archive of historical economic statistics and policy compiled by the St. Louis Federal Reserve bank.
Historic U.S. Census of Population 1790-2010 (Excellent resources for analyzing population, social, and economic trends and developments.)
Local Climatological Data (Weather for selected U.S. areas)

NASA History Office-Features histories of NASA missions, projects, and programs.
U.S. Army Center for Military History Publications HSSE DOC D 114 (Excellent source for Army military history information.)
Foreign Relations of the United States HSSE Periodicals 327.73 Un32 This State Department resource is the official U.S. foreign policy documentary collection. Nixon and Ford Administration volumes now being published.)
FBI Freedom of Information Act (Features FBI files on numerous prominent individuals including Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and others.)
Central Intelligence Agency FOIA (Features access to declasified National Intelligence Estimates on various countries and regions. Select "Historical Collections" then "National Intelligence Council (NIC) Collection" or other collections once you connect to this site.)
Hathitrust Catalog-Provides access to the full text of many historic U.S. Government and state government documents through a collaboration between many university research libraries and Google.

Nixon Grand Jury Records-Features transcripts of June 23-24, 1975 grand jury interviews with Richard Nixon over Watergate related matters.
Prices & Wages by Decade  (Courtesy:  University of Missouri Library)

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