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Map Resources: Indiana and Tippecanoe County: Geology of Tippecanoe County

Resources that describe West Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, and Indiana for EAS research.

Technical Reports

Rosenshein, Joseph S.(1958) Ground-Water Resources of Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Indiana Division of Water Resources, Bulletin 8

Includes data on pumpage, water levels, and water quality. pdf file can be found at:

Bulletin #8 (1956) Ground-Water Resources of Tippecanoe County, Indiana APPENDIX: Basic Data
APPENDIX to basic data report
by Joseph S. Rosenshein about ground-water resources of Tippecanoe County. Prepared by Joseph S. Rosenshein and Oliver J. Cosner.

Includes water well records (with geologic descriptions by drillers). 67 p., 1 fig., 4 tables, 2 plates. pdf file can be found at:

Hydrogeology of Glacial Deposits in Tippecanoe County, Indiana; Systematic Development of Methologies in Planning Urban Water Resources for Medium Size Communities, by Abdelrahman M. S. Maaroof and Wilton N. Melhorn, June 1975. Updates Bulletin 8 and Appendix (see above).

Purdue University, Water Resources Research Center, West Lafayette, IN Technical Report no.61. 107 p., 4 plates.

Soil Survey of Tippecanoe County, Indiana (1998) by U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, In cooperation with Purdue University, Agricultural Experiment Station and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, State Soil Conservation Board and Division of Soil Conservation. 342 p., 84 plates.

Print copies of the above can be found in the librarian's office,
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Library, Purdue University.

Also of interest:

"Hydrogeology of the Lafayette (Teays) Bedrock Valley System, North-Central Indiana," by Thomas N. Bruns and William J. Steen. Ind. DNR, Div. of Water. Water Resources Assessment 2003-7.

"Geology and Hydrogeology of the Teays-Mahomet Bedrock Valley System," edited by Wilton N. Melhorn adn John P. Kempton. Geological Society of America, Special Paper 258, 1991. (print copy available in EAS Library Office)

Miscellaneous Map # 42: Bedrock Topography of the Teays Valley, Western Part, North-Central Indiana (1985)

Tippecanoe County, Engineering Soils Map, 1963 pdf

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