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Earth Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences Quick Links: Aerial Photos and Photography

Helpful resources for finding EAS resources

Indiana 2005 State Wide Aerial Photos

2005 Indiana Orthophotography Project 

In 2005, the Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC) coordinated the 2005 Statewide Digital Orthophotography Program, which facilitated the acquisition of statewide, high-resolution orthophotography and digital elevation data for Indiana.


Indiana Historical Aerial Photo Index

The Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) has created the "Indiana Historical Aerial Photo Index" (IHAPI) interactive map to facilitate the identification and retrieval of historical aerial photographs. More than 950 large-format photomosaic index maps in the IGS archive were scanned and georeferenced, and then mosaicked to produce 466 county-based images dating from the 1930s to the 1980s. From these images, a point index was created showing the upper-right corners of 113,035 individual historical aerial photographs. The interactive map allows users to easily locate a site of interest and determine unique identification numbers for individual photos. Copies of the photos can then be ordered from various archival collections, including the IGS archive.

Wabash River Valley Aerial Photos, 1929

Wabash River Valley Aerial Photos, 1929

Digital scans of the "Mosaic of Wabash River, Indiana: Terre Haute to Logansport". Taken by the US Army Corps of Engineers, these are the very first aerial photos ever taken for commerical use. 

For further information, see:

Birdseye, C.H. (1940). "Stereoscopic Phototopographic Mapping". Annals of the Association of American Geographers 30. Page 11. 

Original prit volumes are located in the Map Room. 

World Wind

NASA World Wind

High quality satellite maps collected and compiled by NASA.  

Satellite Maps

Google Earth 

Access satellite imagery from your computer. Also contains historical maps, as well as maps of the Moon and Mars.

Color Landform Atlas

Color Landform Atlas of the United States

Resource for the following maps organized by state:

  • Shaded relief map
  • County map
  • Black and white map showing state borders
  • Satellite image
  • A historic map (generally 1895)
  • A Postscript file map

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