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Supporting Information for Data Services: FAQ/Glossary

Central location for all handouts; talking points; Purdue authored articles; Data literature; Tools and any other useful files


General FAQs

What is the difference between data curation and e-science?

What is the purpose of data curation and e-science here at Purdue?

What is the history of data curation and e-science here at Purdue?

How does data curation and e-science affect me?

How does data curation and e-science benefit me and/or impact my work?

Does data refer to only digital files?

What sort of departments have worked with subject specialists on data projects?

Who needs to be involved in taking care of data?

FAQ for Librarians/Specialists and Data Projects

How do we define library science / LIS research?

How do we define collaborative or embedded research?

What does it mean to “apply library science” to other discipline problems?

Why should librarians participate in collaborative or embedded research?

What’s the difference between research (collaborative) and service (supportive)?

What are some tips for developing collaborations?

Once a relationship has been established, how can the conversation progress toward collaborating on sponsored research?

What is the role of the Research Council?

What is the role of the Research Department?

What is sponsored research/sponsored rewards?

What’s the difference between a PI, co-PI, and senior collaborator or consultant?

How do I decide what I can do and how do I determine a percent effort to be submitted for sponsored funding?

How do I decide on, or contribute to, a budget?

What is a “short c.v.,” “current and pending statement,” or “research interest statement”?

Who do I need to keep “in the loop?”

How can I keep up with what research other librarians are working on?

What are my responsibilities after a grant has been awarded?


*This glossary reflects the terminology used by Purdue University Libraries and is not an official set of standardized definitions*

D2C2 (Distributed Data Curation Center)


Data Access

Data Curation

Data Curation Profile (DCP)

Data Curator

Data Management Plan (DMP)

Data Lifecycle

Data services


Data Sharing

Digital Humanities







OVPR (Office of the Vice President for Research)

Principal Investigator

PURR (Purdue University Research Repository)

Research Unit (or Department)

Scholarly Communication

Sponsored Research

SPS (Sponsored Program Services)