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CE 597 Civil Engineering Projects: Indiana Government Resources

Provides information on federal and Indiana state governmental and legal resources for this class.

Indiana Government Resources

Indiana State Government produces numerous resources dealing with land surveying.  These are produced by the Indiana General Assembly and other state government agencies.  Examples include:

Indiana General Assembly (Provides access to legislative bills, committee reports, fiscal impact statements, and other legal and regulatory information.)

House Bill 1214 2011 Indiana General Assembly (Deals with lakefront development.) House Bill 1115 2018 Indiana General Assembly (Landowner Immunity for Trail Access)

Indiana Code (Complete text of Indiana state laws. Broken up into 36 different titles or subject areas.
Indiana Code Title 25 Chapter 2 Article 21.5 IC 25-21.5 dealing with land surveyors

Indiana Administrative Code (Contains Indiana state regulations to enforce state laws).  Title 865 covers Indiana State Board of Registration for Land Surveyors
Indiana Register (Contains the full text of newly adopted state regulations, announcements of proposed state regulations, announcements of agency meetings, Governor's executive orders, and Attorney General Opinions.)

Indiana Courts (Contains State Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Tax Court decisions.)

Indiana General Assembly 2018 Interim Study Committees

Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management
Indiana Dept. of Local Government Finance
Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources

Indiana Dept. of Transportation

Indiana Lobby Registration Commission

Indiana State Board of Registration for Land Surveyors
Indiana State Dept. of Agriculture
Indiana State Employee Directory

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