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Indiana Depository Information: Directory of Federal Depository Libraries in Indiana for 2011

Provides detailed information about Indiana's federal depository libraries.

Directory of Federal Depository Libraries in Indiana for 2011

Compiled by:  Doug Conrads
                     Senior Subject Specialist for Serials Cataloging and Federal Documents Technical Services
                     Catalog Division
                     Indiana State Library
                     Regional Depository Library

Revised January 2011 

This directory includes the following information as provided by the institution.

Name of Institution (federal depository library number in parentheseis)
Telephone Number for Documents
FAX telephone number
E-mail address:  depository coordinator
Indicates categories of documents collected (federal, state, and local) and relative size of federal documents collection (percentage).
Depository for:  Indicates category of documents library receives as a designated depository and year designated as depository.
Contact:  Name of librarian(s) or staff to contact concerning document collection.

Abbreviations used:

  Depository for:
     ERIC=Educational Resources Information Center
     GPO=Government Printing Office
     NGIA=National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
     NOAA=National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
     NTIS=National Technical Information Service
     USGS=U.S. Geological Servey

Allen County Public Library (0177)
Business, Science, & Technology Dept.
900 Library Plaza
Fort Wayne, IN 46802-3699
(260) 421-1216
FAX: (260) 421-1386

Collects:  federal (79%); state (IN); local (Ft. Wayne area)
Depository for GPO (1896); IN
Contact:  Mark J. Wendt

Anderson University (0178)
Robert A. Nicholson Library
1100 East 5th St.
Anderson, IN 46012-3495
(765) 641-4287
FAX: (765) 641-3850
Collects:  federal (4%)
Depository for: GPO (1959)
Contact:  Jill Branscum

Ball State University (0180)
Alexander M. Bracken Library
Government Publications Service
2000 University Avenue
Muncie, IN 47306-0160
(765) 285-1110
FAX: (765) 285-2644
Collects:  federal (50%); state (IN); local (Muncie & Delaware Co.); ERIC
Depository for:  GPO (1959); IN (1975); USGS maps (1977); NGIA Maps
Contact:  Diane Calvin

Butler University (0184A)
Irwin Library
4553 Clarendon Road
Indianapolis, IN 46208-3487
(317) 940-6490
FAX (317) 940-8039

Collects:  federal (24%)
Depository for:  GPO (1965)
Contact:  Karl Rusa

Depauw University (0172)
Roy O. West Library
11 E. Larabee St.
Greencastle, IN 46135-0037
(765) 658-4427
FAX: (765) 654-4445
Collects:  Federal (47%); state (IN); ERIC
Depository for:  GPO (1879); USGS maps
Contact:  Kathryn Millis

Earlham College (0180A)

Evansville-Vanderburgh County Public Library (0181)

Gary Public Library (0174)

Hammond Public Library (0174A)

Hanover College (0182)

Huntington University (0178)

Indiana State Library (Regional Federal Depository Library)(0170)

Indiana State University (0179A)

Indiana Supreme Court (0171)

Indiana University-Bloomington (0173)

Indiana University-Kokomo (0173)

Indiana University-Northwest (0172A)

Indiana University-South Bend (0176A)

Indiana University-Southeast (0181A)

Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne (0177A)

Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis (0183B)

Indiana University-Maurer School of Law-Bloomington (0177B)

Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis (0184B)

Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library (0184)

Morrison-Reeves Library (0183)

Purdue University (0171)

University of Notre Dame (0176)

University of Notre Dame Law School (0173B)

University of Southern Indiana (0182A)

Valparaiso University (0175)

Valparaiso University School of Law (9171B)

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