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Legislative Branch: J-P

Provides links to congressional information resources including congressional committees, congressional support agencies, and websites of Indiana's U.S. Representatives and Senators


John C. Stennis Center for Public Service
Joint Committee on Taxation (Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) Vice Chair

Joint Economic Committee (Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) Chair)

Legistorm(Non-governmental organization providing access to financial disclosure statements, gift receipts, and travel information. Registration required.)
Library of Congress
Lobbying Disclosure (Courtesy-Clerk of the House of Representatives)
National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare
Office of the Clerk-U.S. House of Representatives
Office of Technology Assessment Archive. (Courtesy Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs-Princeton Univ.)

Pig Book (Non-governmental. This Citizens Against Government Waste resource is an annual listing of pork-barrel
projects in the federal budget)
Policy Agendas Project (Courtesy-University of Washington)

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