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Legislative Branch: A-D

Provides links to congressional information resources including congressional committees, congressional support agencies, and websites of Indiana's U.S. Representatives and Senators


Architect of the Capitol
Biographical Directory of U.S. Congress
Blue Dog Coalition (Fiscally "conservative" Democrats)
Browse Congressional Committee Hearings(1995-present & some earlier)) Courtesy: GPO's GovInfo
Browse Congressional Committee Prints(1995-present) These are publications analyzing policy issues for congressional committees.
Capitol Visitor Center
Center for Legislative Archives (National Archives & Records Administration)

Chairmen of Senate Standing Committees (1789-Present) (Sept. 2018)
Chief Administrative Officer (House of Representatives)
Commission on Review of Overseas Military Facility Structure of the United States (2004-2005
Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq & Afghanistan
Congressional Budget Office
Congressional Committee Hearings-Live Audio (Courtesy of CSPAN)
Congressional Institute(Trains new members of Congress and their staff.)
Congressional Internet Caucus
Congressional Oversight Panel (COP)-Monitors Treasury Dept's Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP)
Congressional Pay Rates (Courtesy-Dirksen Congressional Center)
Congressional Research Service Reports- Courtesy Federation of American Scientists
(National security and space policy oriented reports)
Congressional Research Service Reports-Courtesy National Center for Agricultural Law (Agriculture and food oriented reports)
Congressional Research Service Reports-Courtesy

Congressional Research Service Reports-Courtesy Library of Congress
Congressional Research Service Reports-Courtesy Thurgood Marshall Law Library-University of Maryland (Reports on various topics)
Congressional Research Service Reports-Courtesy University of North Texas Library
Congressional Timeline - (Courtesy Dirksen Congressional Center-Summarizes major legislation by individual congressional sessions 1933-present)
Congressional Twitter Sites (Features links to Representatives, Senators, member organizations, and committee Twitter sites)
CSPAN Video Library
Dirksen Congressional Center

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