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U.S. Government Statistical Agency Websites: A-D

Provides links to U.S. Government statistical agency websites.


Administration For Community Living Collects statistics on federal polices and programs affecting senior citizens.

Administration for Children & Families . Collects statistics on children & families
Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (Documents health care program performance, quality, and cost.)
Bureau of Economic Analysis (Commerce Dept. agency documenting U.S. economic performance.)
Bureau of Justice Statistics (Justice Dept. statistical branch collecting criminal justice statistics.)
Bureau of Labor Statistics (Collects pricing and employment statistics.)

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (Collects statistics about oil and natural gas exploration on federal and American Indian lands.)

Bureau of Prisons (Collects data on federal prisons and prisoners.)

Bureau of Transportation Statistics (Collects transportation statistics)
Census Bureau (Collects population, economic, demographic, and social statistics.)
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Collects Medicare & Medicaid program statistics)
Consumer Product Safety Commission (Collects data on consumer product hazards & potential hazards)
Congressional Budget Office (Congressional support agency analyzing federal budgetary programs.) Resource of searchable datasets from U.S. Government executive branch agencies.

Defense Dept. Personnel, Workforce Reports & Publications

Collects military casualty and other statistical information

Drug Enforcement Administration (Produces data on federal drug law enforcement.

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