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Government Documents on Homeland Security: Foreign Government

Government Documents on Homeland Security

Foreign & International Governments

Examples of foreign government homeland security agencies and their legislative oversight committees include

Australia Attorney General

Australia Critical Infrastructure Centre

Australia   2020 Cyber Security Strategy Report July 21, 2020)
Australia Defence Signals Directorate Cyber Security Operations Centre

Australia Dept. of Home Affairs

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Australia Martin Place Siege Joint Commonwealth-New South Wales Review (Reviews Dec. 15, 2014 Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney)

Australia New South Wales Coroner Inquest into the Deaths Arising From the Lindt Cafe Siege:  Findings & Recommendations (Released May 24, 2017)

Australia New South Wales Justice Ministry Inquest into the Deaths Arising from the Lindt Cafe Siege
Australia Parliament Joint Committee on Intelligence & Security


Australia Parliamentary Library Research Publications

Canadian Border Services Agency

Canada Parliament House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety & National Security

Public Safety Canada

France Ministry of Interior

Germany Bundestag (Parliament) Interior Affairs Committee

Germany Interior Ministry
India Ministry of Home Affairs

Israel Ministry of Public Security

Japan Fire & Disaster Management Agency

Netherlands Ministry of Security & Justice

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Strategic Communications Center of Excellence

Russia Ministry of Civil  Defense, Emergencies, & Disaster Relief
Singapore National Security Coordination Centre

South Africa Dept. of Home Affairs

South Africa Parliament

United Kingdom Visas & Immigration

United Kingdom Cabinet Office National Security & Intelligence

 United Kingdom Coroners Independent Inquests into July 7 2005 London Bombings

United Kingdom Grenfell Tower Inquiry (2019 report and investigation into June 14, 2017 fire at London's Grenfell Tower)

United Kingdom Home Office

United Kingdom  Investigatory Powers Commmission (Conducts independent oversight and authorization of intelligence agencies,  police  forces, and other public authorities.)

United Kingdom Kerslake Review (Report on May 22, 2017 Manchester Bombing)

United Kingdom National Strategy for Maritime Security (2014)
United Kingdom Parliament House of Commons Home Affairs Committee

United Kingdom Parliament Intelligence & Security Committee

 United Kingdom Parliament Research Papers

United Kingdom Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE)

United Kingdom Westminster Inquest (Investigation into March 22, 2017 Westminster terror attack)

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