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Government Documents on Homeland Security: Congressional

Government Documents on Homeland Security


The U.S. Congress is responsible for approving new laws and revising existing laws dealing with homeland security. Congressional committees are responsible for funding federal agency programs and overseeing the management performance of these programs. These committees and congressional support organizations issue a variety of reports and statistics on federal homeland security programs. Examples include:

Congressional Budget Office HSSE DOC Y 10 (Examines the budgetary implications of federal programs.)
Congressional Record (Contains text of congressional debate, bills, and recorded votes on legislation.  Issues cost estimates for legislation reported by congressional committees.)
Congressional Research Service (Provides objectives analyses of federal programs for members of Congress and their staffs.  Several sources of this agency's reports via this link.)

Congressional Research Service (Library of Congress 2018-present)

National  Emergency Powers (March 23, 2020 CRS report)

Novel Coronavirus 2019:  Global Implications & Responses (February 20, 2020 CRS report)

Selected Homeland Security Issues in the 116th Congress (April 26, 2019 CRS report)
Government Accountability Office (Analyzes the management performance of government programs for Congress.)
House Appropriations Committee HSSE MF Y 4.AP 6/1:H 75/ (Rep. Peter Viscloskey (D-IN) is a member of this Committee.   Appropriations Committee subcommittees determine annual funding levels for the Dept. of Homeland Security and are excellent sources of project expenditure information.)
House Homeland Security Committee HSSE DOC Y 4.H 75
House Oversight & Government Reform Committee HSSE DOC Y 4.G 74/7 (See their Subcommittee on Government Management, Organization, & Procurement.)b

House Committee on Un-American Activities (Selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog documents from this controversial historic mid-20th century committee.)
Senate Appropriations Committee HSSE MF Y 4.AP 6/2
Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee HSSE DOC Y 4.G 74/9 (This committee is responsible for confirming presidential appointments such as the Secretary of Homeland Security.)


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