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Government Documents on Science Policy: U.S. Government Reference

Government Documents on Science Policy

U.S Government Reference

Specific publications chronicling U.S. Government science policy include:

HathiTrust Catalog (Selected resources from multiple research libraries) (National Science Foundation resource providing information about federal agency research standards and procedures for grant applicants and recipients. (Registration required)

FedBizOpps (Database featuring information about government contract opportunities)

Science & Engineering Indicators HSSE DOC NS 1.28/2
A Compilation of Federal Science Laws HSSE DOC Y 4.SCI 2:108-A

United States Code (Title 42) HSSE REF 345.11 Un3c0

Title 51 National and Commercial Space Programs

Public Laws (1995-present) e.g. Public Law 115-10 (2017) National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017

NexisUni (Federal and state court opinions, law review journal articles, and federal and state laws.)(Purdue Users Only)

 Code of Federal Regulations HSSE REF 353.005 64 

Federal Register HSSE REF & MF 353.005 Un34 Use to comment on proposed federal regulations.

How to Submit Comments to

Trump Administration Memorandum for U.S. Trade Representative on China Intellectual Property and Innovation (Aug. 17, 2017  Federal Register.)

Consolidated Federal Funds Report  (Historic governmental expenditures from the Census Bureau)

National Institutes of Standards & Technology (NIST) Congressional Budget Requests
Patent & Trademark Office Review ENGR 608.773 Un3an & ENGR MF C 21.1/2
Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer

Congressional Budget Request FY 2019(U.S. Dept. of Energy)

Congressional Budget Request FY 2019 (Federal Aviation Administration)

FY 19 Administration Research and Development Priorities (Courtesy:  Office of Management & Budget)

FY 2020 Administration Research & Development Budget Priorities (Issued July 31, 2018)

 USA Spending  (Track U.S. government spending by geographic region and department)

U.S. Govt. Policy and Supporting Positions (Plum Book)  Lists presidentially appointed positions

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (Directory of federal grant information)
Spinoff (NASA annual report documenting commercial impact of NASA work) NASA Performance & Accountability Report:
FY Awards by State & Institution (National Science Foundation) ENGR & LIFE 378.3 Un31
National Center for Science & Engineering Statistics
Academic R&D Funds
Science & Technology: Shaping the 21st Century: A Report to Congress HSSE DOC PREX 23.2:SH 2
Office of Technology Assessment Reports (1973-1995) HSSE DOC Y 3.T 22/2

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Budget Requests

United States Government Manual (Annually published directory of federal agencies and their officials)

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