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Government Documents on Public Administration: U.S. Government Internet

Government Documents on Public Administration

U.S. Govt. Internet

Internet Resources

Increasing amounts of government information are on the Internet. The Purdue
Libraries Documents Department homepage is a good starting point. GovInfo  contains major
federal legislative, legal, and regulatory information sources such as congressional
bills, the Code of Federal Regulations, and the U.S. Code. Examples of other
federal government public administration Internet resources include:

HathiTrust Catalog (Selected historic policymaking resources from various research libraries)

Heritage Foundation Welfare and Welfare Spending (Non-governmental)

Robert Rector (Noted social policy scholar from the Heritage Foundation:  Non-governmental)

Brookings Institute Social Policy Resources:  Non-governmental) Ron Haskins-Brookings social policy scholar)

USDA Income Eligibility Guidelines (For school lunch program)

Census Bureau  

 Census Bureau Poverty Resources

Census Bureau American Factfinder

Dept. of Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines

Dept. of Housing & Urban Development

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Archive (Courtesy-University of North Texas Library)

Bureau of Labor Statistics (Contains price, workforce, employment/unemployment. productivity, and cost of living information.)

Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking (2017)(NEW)

Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
General Services Administration
Internet for Federal Inspectors General (IgNet)
Office of Government Ethics
Office of Management & Budget & OMB  Office of Information & Regulatory Affairs (OIRA)

Compilation of Presidential Documents (Access to federal agency inspector general websites evaluating the management performance of government programs.)

National Academy of Public Administration

USA Facts

Your Guide to America's Finances (Visualizations of U.S. Govt. spending)

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