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Government Documents on Public Administration: U.S. Government

Government Documents on Public Administration

U.S. Government

Examples of federal public administration publications include:

Census of Governments HSSE DOC REF C 3.145/4:
President's Private Sector Commission on Cost Control (Grace Commission 1983-1984) HSSE DOC PR 40.8:C 82/P 92
The Moment of Truth:  Report of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform HSSE DOC PR 44.8:F 52/T 77
Information Resources Management Plan of the Federal Government HSSE DOC PREX 2.2:In 3/2
OMB Circulars
Budget of the United States Government HSSE DOC REF PREX 2.8:
HSSE DOC PREX 2.8: (also in CD-ROM)
National Performance Review Reports-(Clinton Administration-Courtesy University of North Texas Library) HSSE DOC PRVP 42.2:

Earmarks (Courtesy-Office Management & Budget) (Includes federal grant and contract information)

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