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Government Documents on Public Administration: Foreign Government

Government Documents on Public Administration

Foreign Government

Selected Foreign Government Sites

Australia Gazette (Features Australian laws, regulations, and proposed regulations.
Australia Dept. of Finance & Administration

Australia National Archives Cabinet Records

Australian National Audit Office

Australia Parliament House Standing Committee on Social Policy & Legal Affairs
Australia Parliamentary Library Reports

Canada Auditor General

Canada Cabinet Conclusions:  Library & Archives Canada

Canada Gazette (Features Canadian laws, regulations, and proposed regulations)

Government of Canada Web Archive (2005-Present):  Library & Archives Canada

Canada Politics & Government-Courtesy:  Library & Archives Canada

Canada Privy Council Office
Canada Treasury Board Secretariat
Canada Parliament House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations & Estimates


Israel State Controller & Ombudsman
Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications

Netherlands Ministry of General Affairs

New Zealand Treasury

Russian Government Gazette

Singapore Gazette
Singapore Ministry of Community Development, Youth, & Sports
South Africa Auditor General
South Africa Dept. of Public Service & Administration
United Kingdom Gazette (British government laws, regulations, and proposed regulations for London, Edinburgh, and Belfast.)
United Kingdom H.M. Treasury

United Kingdom National Archives Cabinet Office Records 1915-1988

United Kingdom National Archives Subject Research Guides

United Kingdom Parliament House of Commons Library Briefing Papers

United Kingdom Parliament House of  Commons Public Accounts Committee

United Kingdom National Audit Office
Boundary Commission for England

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