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Government Documents on National Security Policy: Foreign Government

Government Documents on National Security Policy

Foreign Governments

Selected Foreign Government Sites

Australia Airpower Development Centre

Australia Civil Military Centre 

Australian Command & Staff College (ACSC)

Australian Cyber Security Strategy (Office of the Prime Minister & the Cabinet)

Australia Dept. of Home Affairs

Australia Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (Walker Report)

Australia National Archives British Nuclear Testing

Australian National University National Security College

Australia Royal Australian Navy

Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Centre

Australia Dept. of Defence

Defence White Paper 2016 (Includes defense industry information and financial estimates)

Defence White Paper (2013)

Defence White Paper-Defending Australia in the Asia-Pacific Century:  Force 2030 (2009)

History of Australian Strategic Policy Since 1945 (2009)

The Strategic Reform Program: Delivering Force 2030 (2009)

Australia's Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism (2017) and supplemental guidance documents.

Australia Defense Intelligence Organisation
Australia Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense, & Trade
Australian Defence College
Australia Army Modernisation & Strategic Planning Division
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Austria National Defense Academy 

Baltic Defence College

Belgium-Royal Higher Institute for Defense
Brazil-Air Force University

Brazil-Army General Command and Staff College
Brazil-Naval War College (In Portuguese)

Brazil-Superior War College

Canada Dept. of National Defence & Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Canada

Canada First Defence Strategy (2009)(Produced by Stephen Harper's Conservative Government)

Strong Secure Engaged:  Canada's Defence Policy (2017)(Produced by Justin Trudeau's Liberal Government.)

Canadian Forces College CFC Research Papers

Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre

Canada Parliament House of Commons Standing Committee on Defence

China College of Defense Studies

China Ministry of National Defense

China's National Defense in the New Era (July 24, 2019 National Defense White Paper)

Denmark-Royal Danish Defense College 

Finland National Defence College

France 2017 Defence and National Security Strategic Review

France Ministry of Defense

France National Assembly Committee on National Defense & Armed Forces

France National Defense Institute for Advanced Studies

France War College

Germany-Armed Forces Command & General Staff College (Fuhrungsakademie)(In German)

Germany Bundestag (Parliament) Defense Committee 

Germany Helmut Schmidt University of the Armed Forces 

Germany Ministry of Defense 

India Centre for Air Power Studies (Non-government)

India Centre for Land Warfare Studies (Non-government)

India Defense Ministry

India National Defence College 

India National Maritime Foundation (non-governmental)

Freedom to Use the Seas: India's Maritime Naval Strategy (2007)

Israel Defense Forces
Israel Counterterrorism Institute  

Japan Maritime Self Defense Forces Command & Staff College

Japan Ministry of Defense
Japan National Institute for Defence Studies

Netherlands Defence Academy

Netherlands Ministry of Defence

New Zealand-Royal New Zealand Air Force Air Power Development Centre

Norway-Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

Norway-Norwegian Defence University College 

Portugal-Institute of National Defense (In Portuguese)

Russia Ministry of Defense

Russia National Security Strategy 2016 (Summarized by War on the Rocks)u

Russia Nuclear Strategy (June 2020) (Article by Real Clear Defense)

Russia Security Council

Singapore Defense Ministry

Singapore-Air Force Center for Military Experimentation

Singapore National Security Coordination Secretariat

Singapore-SAFTI Military Institute
South Africa Dept. of Defense
South Korea Defense Ministry
South Korea Institute for Defense Analyses

Spain Higher Studies Center for National Defense (In Spanish)

Sweden Defence Materials Administration

Sweden Defense Research Agency 

Sweden Ministry of Defence

Sweden National Defence College 

Sweden Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission

Switzerland Directorate for Security Policy-Federal Dept. of Defence

Taiwan National Defense University

Turkey War College 

Parliamentary Approval for Military Action (April 16, 2018 report by House of Commons Library)

UK 2015 Strategic Defence & Security Review

National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 A Secure and Prosperous United Kingdom (Released Nov. 23, 2015)

2015 Strategic Defence & Security Review:  First Annual Report 2016

Securing Britain in an Age of Uncertainty:  The Strategic Defence and Security Review (2010)

A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty:  The National Security Strategy (2010)

Trident Commission (British American Security  Information Council-Nongovernmental)(2014)

United Kingdom Defense Nuclear Organisation

United Kingdom Ministry of Defence Development Concepts Doctrine Center

United Kingdom Defence Academy Publications

United Kingdom Defence Ministry

United Kingdom Defence & Security Media Advisory (DSMA) Committee

Women in Ground Close Combat (Dec. 2014 study)

Foreign Office Files for the Middle East 1971-1981 (Source:  UK National Archives-Purdue Users Only)

United Kingdom National Shipbuilding Strategy:  The Future of Naval Shipbuilding in the UK (2017)

  preceded by Parker Report 2016-2017

United Kingdom National Security Council 

United Kingdom National Strategy for Maritime Security (2014)

United Kingdom Parliament House of Commons Arms Export Control Committees 

United Kingdom Parliament House of Commons Defence Select Committee

United Kingdom Parliament House of Commons Library Briefing Papers

United Kingdom Parliament Joint Select Committee on National Security Strategy

United Kingdom Royal Air Force Centre for Air &  Space Power Studies

United Kingdom Royal Military Academy (Sandhurst) Occasional Papers

Westminster Bridge  Inquest (Investigation into March 22, 2017 Westminster terror attack.)

Naval Review (Royal Navy's professional journal-Free article access for articles older than 10 years.)

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