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Government Documents on Housing: U.S. Government

Government Documents on Housing

U.S. Government

Examples of U.S. Government executive branch and independent agency housing publications include:

Manufactured Housing Surveys

H130 Series (Market Absorption of Apartments) (ended 2011)

New Residential Construction

HSSE DOC C 3.215:
American Housing Survey (various cities) HSSE DOC C 3.215:H-170/
Census of Population & Housing
(See HSSE 317.3 for this data from 1970 and earlier)
Construction Spending  
Census of Housing HSSE DOC REF & HSSE DOC C 3.224/
Census of Construction Industries MEL REF, MEL, & STOR C 3.245/

Mortgage Insurance Companies of America/Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Reports

Foreclosure Resource Center (Courtesy:  New York Federal Reserve Bank)

MEL REF FR 1.63/

Department of Housing & Urban Development Annual Report 2001-2009

and HERE 2010-present

HUD General Publications HSSE DOC HH 1.2:
HUD Handbooks HSSE DOC HH 1.6/6:
Cityscape HSSE DOC HH 1.75/2:
Survey of Mortgage Lending Activity HSSE DOC & MEL HH 1.99:
Home Front HSSE DOC HH 1.113:
Interagency Council on the Homeless HSSE DOC Y 3.H 75:

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