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Government Documents on Health: U.S. Government

Government Documents Health

U.S. Government

U.S. Govt. publications on health in Purdue Libraries can be found in the HSSE and PNHS libraries as well as other campus libraries. These publications cover aspects of health as diverse as medical, economic, statistics, and government legislation and regulations. Examples of some useful U.S. Govt. publications on health include:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Covid/Coronavirus Resources

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Trustees Reports 

CDC's Emerging Infectious Diseases

Environmental Health Perspectives PNHS MF HE 20.3559 & PNHS
615.705 Eh77

National Center for Health Statistics Publications (CD-ROM) HSSE REF HE 20.7042/7:
Atlas of United States Mortality (CD-ROM) HSSE REF HE 20.6209/12:
National Health Interview Survey (CD-ROM) HSSE REF HE 20.6209/4-3:
NIOSH Criteria Documents Plus (CD-ROM) HSSE REF HE 20.7129:C 86/CD
CMS Regulations, Guidance & Manual (CD-ROM) HSSE REF HE 22.8/22:

Vital Statistics of the United States

HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog records

HSSE REF 317.3 Un3v
Advance Data from Vital & Health Statistics (Thru 2007)

Became National Health Statistics Reports (Beginning Jan. 2008)
HSSE REF 317.3 Un37moa
Health United States (Also on CD-ROM) HSSE DOC HE 20.7042/6:
(Earlier HE 20.6223:)
International Mortality Chartbook HSSE DOC HE 20.6202:M 24/2
Healthy People 2000 HSSE DOC HE 20.2:D 63/8
Index Medicus (Pubmed) HSSE REF 016.61 In21m
(Also in LIFE, PNHS, & VETM)

Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Reports (1982-present)

HERE for selected (pre-1982) fulltext Hathitrust catalog documents.

HSSE REF 317.3 Un37mor
FDA Consumer HSSE 614.305 F739
(Also in CFS & PNHS)

Public Health Reports

HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog documents.

PNHS, VETM, & LIFE 614.0973 Un3W
Journal of the National Cancer Institute PNHS, VETM & LIFE 616.992 N21
Alcohol Research: Current Reviews PNHS 362.292 AL18
Health Care Financing Review became Medicare & Medicaid Research Review in 2010. MEL HE 22.512:

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Research Reports

NIDA Research Monographs (1975-1998)

PNHS HE 20.3965:
(Earlier PNHS HE 20.8216:)

Council on State Governments Health Policy Research   (Non-governmental)

County Health Rankings (Non-governmental:  Courtesy-University of Wisconsin)

National Bureau of Economic Research (Non-governmental.  Archives of economic policy analyses.)

National Governors Association (Non-governmental)

Purdue Libraries Research Centers (Provides access to a variety of U.S. and international think-tanks.)

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