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Government Documents on Forensic Science: Legal and Regulatory

Government Documents on Forensic Science


Useful legal and regulatory information sources include the following materials located in the HSSE Library´┐Żs Reference Department.

Public Law 115-391 First  Step Act 2018

Public Law 115-426 Civil Rights Cold Case Records Collection Act of 2018

Slip Laws (e.g. P.L. 112-253)





U.S. Statutes at Large HSSE REF 345.11 Un3
United States Code (e.g. 10 USC 1471) HSSE REF 345 Un3co
Code of Federal Regulations (e.g. 28 CFR 28) HSSE REF 353.005 C64
Index-Code of Federal Regulations HSSE REF 353.005 C64 Index
List of Sections Affected HSSE REF 353.005 C64 LSA

Federal Register (Comment on proposed federal regulations)

How to Submit Effective Comments to

HSSE REF 353.005 Un34

U.S. Reports

Federal Rules of Evidence

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

American Jurisprudence HSSE REF 347.9 Am3a2

Indiana Code

Indiana Rules of Criminal Procedure

Indiana Rules of Evidence

HSSE REF 348.772 In25c
Acts Indiana (Older issues in HSSE periodicals) HSSE REF 345.91 In 2
Indiana Administrative Code HSSE REF 348.772025 In21
Indiana Register HSSE REF 348.772025 In3
West's Indiana Law Encyclopedia HSSE REF 347.03 W52
Black's Law Dictionary HSSE REF 347.03 B56L 2004
Use Nexis Uni for access to federal and state court case opinions.  

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