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Government Documents on U.S. Foreign Policy: Foreign and International Governments

Government Documents on U.S. Foreign Policy


Selected Foreign & International Government Organizations

Access UN (Purdue Users Only)

Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN)

Australia Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade

2017 Australia Foreign Policy White Paper

Documents on Australian Foreign Policy

Australia Parliament Hansard Parliamentary Debate House of Representatives and Senate dating back to 1901

Australia Parliament Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence, & Trade

Australia-National Archives 

Inquiry into Certain Australian Companies in Relation to the UN Oil-for-Food Programme (Cole Inquiry)(2006)


Canada Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Canada Parliament Hansard House of Commons Debates 1867-Present

Canada Parliament Hansard Senate Debates 1867-Present

Canada Parliament House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs & International Trade

Documents on Canadian External Relations (1946-1963)

Library & Archives Canada

Canada Cabinet Conclusions 1944-1976

France Foreign Ministry

France National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee

France National Archives

Germany Bundestag (Parliament) Foreign Affairs Committee 

Germany Foreign Office 

Germany National Archives 

India Ministry of External Affairs (Includes India's Foreign Relations 2006-2012)

India National Archives

India Parliament Lok Sabha External Affairs Committee

Israel Foreign Ministry

Israel Knesset (Parliament) Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee

Japan Foreign Ministry

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Netherlands Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Relations Caribbean

Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office

British Foreign Office State Papers (Selected:  Courtesy Bodleian Library)

Foreign Office Files for the Middle East 1971-1981 (Source:  UK National Archives (Purdue Users Only)

United Kingdom National Archives Cabinet Office Papers 1915-1988

United Kingdom National Archives Foreign Office Records

United Kingdom Parliament House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee

United Kingdom Parliamentary Debates

Association of Southeast Asian Nations
European Union "Common" Foreign and Security Policy
United Nations

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