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Government Documents on U.S. Foreign Policy: Executive

Government Documents on U.S. Foreign Policy


Documents on U.S. foreign policy are produced by the State Dept., Central Intelligence Agency, congressional committees, and other federal agencies. These are located in HSSE and shelved in the Reference Dept., Government Documents stacks, and periodical stacks.

HathiTrust Catalog (Selected resources from CIC institutions)

State Dept. Accountability Review Board on Benghazi Consulate Attack 

Quadrennial Diplomacy & Development Review

The Revolutionary Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States (6 vols.) HSSE 327.73 Un32re
Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution (12 vols.) HSSE 327.73 Sp26d
The Emerging Nation: A Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Under the Articles of Confederation, 1780-1789 (3 vols.) HSSE 327.73009033 Em32 1996
United States Consular Reports (Selected years-1800s) HIKS Repository C 18.5:
Commercial Relations of the United States With Foreign Countries HIKS Repository C 18.17:

Official Register of the U.S. (U.S. Treasury Dept. publication from 1829-1959 (with some gaps) listing U.S. Government officials and their salaries.

Measuring Worth (University of Illinois-Chicago dataset calculating purchasing power and consumer price trends over time.

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments

and HERE


World Factbook

and HERE

HSSE REF 910.5 Un3n
Foreign Broadcast Information Service (CD-ROM 1997-Present) HSSE REF PREX 7.10/3:
Foreign Broadcast Information Service: Eastern Europe HSSE DOC PREX 7.10:FBIS-EEU
Foreign Broadcast Information Service:Central Eurasia
(Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) publications include transcripts of foreign media stories. Information from 1997 on available only on CD-ROM. Other world regions are in HSSE MF PREX 7.10:) See also World News Connection Archive (1995-2013)(Purdue Users Only)
Foreign Relations of the United States
(Located in the HSSE periodical stacks. This is the official documentary series of U.S. foreign policy. Generally published thirty years or more following the events covered.) See also here (Courtesy- University of Wisconsin Library) for coverage of this title from 1863-1958.
HSSE 327.73 Un32
Report to Congress on Voting Practices in the United Nations HSSE DOC S 1.1/8:
(Previously Dept. of State Bulletin)
HSSE DOC S 1.3/5:
HSSE 327.73 Un32b
Diplomatic List and HERE:

Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts


State Dept. Country Desk Officers

and HERE
Foreign Consular Offices in the U.S. and HERE :
United States Participation in the United Nations HSSE 341.1 Un3u & HSSE MF S 1.70/8:
United States Contributions to International Organizations HSSE DOC S 1.70/9:
American Foreign Policy Current Documents HSSE 327.73 Un32a
HSSE MF S 1.71/2:
HSSE S 1.71/2-2:
State HSSE 353.1 Un32 and HERE
Background Notes (now Factsheets) HSSE REF S 1.123: and HERE

State Dept. Foreign Affairs Manuals

Country Reports Human Rights Practices

and HERE

and HERE

Country Reports on Terrorism HSSE DOC S 1.138:
International Narcotics Control Strategy Report HSSE DOC S. 1.146:
(earlier HSSE DOC S 1.2:N 16/3/)
Treaties and Other International Acts
State Dept. Treaty Affairs
HSSE 341.273 Un27ts
HSSE MF S 9.10:
Treaties and Other International Agreements HSSE 341.273 Un3u and HERE
Treaties in Force
(Older-periodical stacks)
HSSE REF 341.273 Un27tf
U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants [Greenbook] Produced by U.S. Agency for International Development
Limits in the Seas (Originally by State Dept. Bureau of Oceans...-Courtesy-Florida State University Law Library)

International Boundary Studies (Originally by State Dept. Bureau of Intelligence & Research-Courtesy-Florida State University Law Library)

Panama & the Canal (Courtesy:  University of Florida Library

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