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Government Documents on Fish & Fisheries: Legal and Regulatory

Government Documents on Fish & Fisheries


Federal and Indiana state legal and regulatory fishery information resources include:

Title 16 United States Code HSSE REF 345 Un3co
Compilation of Selected Acts Concerning Marine Resources, Including Fisheries HSSE DOC Y 4.R 31/3:108-A
Title 50 Code of Federal Regulations HSSE REF 353.005 C64

Federal Register (Comment on proposed federal regulations.)

How to Submit Effective Comments to

HSSE REF 353.005 Un34 & HSSE MF
Title 14 Indiana Code HSSE REF 348.772 In25c
Title 310 Indiana Administrative Code HSSE REF 348.772025 In2i
Indiana Register HSSE REF 348.772025 In3

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