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Government Documents on Fish & Fisheries: Executive Branch

Government Documents on Fish & Fisheries


Useful U.S. Government executive branch agency fisheries resources include:

Agricultural Statistics (also in CD-ROM)  
Imports & Exports of Fishery Products, Annual Summary  
Fishery Bulletin  
General Publications-U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service  
Wildlife Review HIKS Repository 639.09 Un3wr
Progressive Fish-Culturist HIKS Repository 639.09 Un3p

Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission (1881-1998)

Fisheries Review



Marine Fisheries Review  HIKS Repository 639.09 Un3co
National Wildlife Refuge Circulars  

Endangered Species Technical Bulletins   and HERE

Fish & Wildlife News  
National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, Wildlife & Associated Resources (CD-ROM)  
U.S. Imports & Exports of Merchandise  (CD-ROM & DVD) PMEL REF C 3.278/2:
PMEL REF C 3.278/3:
2017 Economic Census (Select NAICS Code 44)  

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