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Government Documents on Enron Corporation: Government Documents on Enron Corporation

Government Documents on Enron Corporation

Enron Corporation

Government Documents on Enron Corporation


The late 2001 collapse of energy trader Enron Corporation sent shockwaves through the nation�s financial markets and caused political turmoil.Enron�s problems have resulted in court cases and numerous governmentalinvestigations of Enron�s activities. These governmental investigations arecreating and will continue producing tremendous volumes of print informationand multimedia resources. This guide will provide annotated descriptionsand links to these steadily growing government information resources onEnron. Purdue Libraries holding print resources from these agencies are inthe ENGR, HSSE, & MEL Libraries. Government documents call numbers for these agencies are also included in these entries.

Arthur Andersen Indictment-March 7, 2002 (Courtesy-FindLaw)
Indictment issued in the U.S. District Court-Southern District of Texas.

C-SPAN's Enron Investigation Archive (Do a search for "Enron" to produce relevant webcasts.)
Produced by the Cable Public Affairs Network, this resource has webcasts of CSPAN programs on Enron including congressional committee investigative hearings and links to relevant federal regulatory agency websites.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission
MEL Y 3.C 73/5:
This U.S. Government agency is responsible for regulating commodities trading.

Enron Case Information-U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas

Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
Agency responsible for promoting accounting principles used by federal government agencies.

Federal Election Commission
HSSE DOC Y 3.EL 2/3:
Agency responsible for regulating federal election campaigns.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
This agency, part of the U.S. Dept. of Energy, is responsible for setting and
regulating interstate energy commodity prices.

FindLaw�s Enron Page

Justice Department Enron Trial Exhibits and Releases (2006)

Securities and Exchange Commission
Federal agency regulating stock and other securities transactions.


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