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Government Documents on Energy: International and Foreign Government

Government Documents on Energy


Selected Foreign and International Government Internet Energy Sources

Asia-Pacific Energy Research Centre

Australia Bureau of Meteorology Climate Data Online

Australia Dept. of Energy, Science, Industry, & Resources

Australian Energy Market Commission

Australian  Energy Regulator

Australian Energy Security Board-Council of Australian Governments

Australia Parliament House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment

Australia Parliamentary Library Research Publications

Canada Parliament House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources

Natural Resources Canada

Canada National Energy Board

Alberta Oilsands

Canada National Climate Data & Weather Archive

Historic Statistics Canada publications via Scholars Portal

China National Development & Reform Commission

France Ministry of Ecology, Energy, & Sustainable Development

France National Assembly Economic Affairs Committee


Germany Bundestag (Parliament) Committee for Economics & Technology

Germany Federal Ministry for Economics & Technology

India Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas

Israel Ministry of Energy

Japan Agency of Natural Resources & Energy

NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence

Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs Energy

Russia Ministry of Energy

South Africa Dept. of Energy

South Africa Dept. of Mineral Resources 

South Africa Parliament

Taiwan Atomic Energy Commission

United Kingdom Dept. for Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy

United Kingdom Met Office Historic Climate Station Data

United Kingdom Parliament House of Commons Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy Committee

United Kingdom Parliament Research Papers

Caspian Pipeline Consortium

European Union Energy Activities

Gas Exporting Countries Forum

International Atomic Energy Agency
International Energy Agency

Nuclear Energy Agency

OECD ILibrary (Purdue Users Only)

Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC)
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

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