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Government Documents on Criminal Justice: Justice Department

Government criminal justice information resources

Justice Department

The following Justice Department publications are located in HSSE Library.

Justice Dept. organizational chart (early 2018)

Final Rule on Bump Stock Firearms (Dec. 18, 2018) 27 CFR 447, 478-479

Bump Stock Destruction Instructions from Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives

Crime in the United States: Uniform Crime Reports - Annual FBI report documenting criminal activity. Contains community, county, and campus crime statistics along with additional information. An excellent starting point for your research. HSSE REF 364 Un35
(Older vols. in HSSE periodical stacks)
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics - Comprehensive annual report on criminal justice statistics. A poll of public attitudes on criminal justice issues is particularly valuable. HSSE REF 364.973 So84
(Older vols. in HSSE periodical stacks.)
Preserving Life & Liberty (Justice Dept. perspectives on the USA Patriot Act from the George W. Bush Administration.)  
Bomb Summary HSSE DOC J 1.14/7-7:
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin HSSE 364.4405 F317
Forensic Science Communications
HSSE DOC J 1.14/18: (Ceased publication in 2010).

FBI Terrorism Resources

Black Identity Terrorists (Aug. 3, 2017 FBI report-partially redacted)

Asset Forfeiture Series HSSE DOC J 26.29:
Issues & Practices in Criminal Justice Series HSSE DOC J 28.23:
Research Report - National Institute of Justice HSSE DOC J 28.24/3:
Perspectives on Policing HSSE DOC J 28.27:
National Criminal Justice Thesaurus HSSE DOC J 28.28:
Annual Evaluation Report on Drugs & Crime HSSE DOC J 28.29:
Criminal Victimization in the United States HSSE REF 362.880973 Un3c
(Older vols. in HSSE periodical stacks)
National Corrections Reporting Program HSSE DOC J 29.11/13:
Correctional Populations in the United States HSSE DOC J 29.17:
Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics HSSE DOC J 29.20:
Juvenile Court Statistics HSSE DOC J 32.15:
Juvenile Justice HSSE DOC J 32.19:

Department of Justice Journal of Federal Law & Practice (formerly U.S.  Attorneys Bulletins

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