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Government Documents on Aviation: Executive

Government information resources on aviation policy.


Government publications on aviation from U.S. executive branch agencies such as the National Transportation Safety Board(NTSB) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) include:

Airpower Journal HSSE & HIKS Repository 629.505 Ai68
President's Commission on Aviation Security & Terrorism HSSE DOC PR 41.8:SE 2
Aircraft Accidents Reports Brief Formats AVTE 629.5255021 Un3 & AVTE MF TD 1.109/3:
Aircraft Accident Report AVTE 629.13255 Ai74 & AVTE MF TD 1.112:
Annual Review of Aircraft Accident Data AVTE MF & HIKS Repository TD 1.113:
Federal Aviation Administration Annual Report AVTE MF TD 4.1:
FAA Advisory Circulars AVTE 629.5 Un355to
FAA Aviation News AVTE 629.505 Un32a
Notices to Airmen AVTE 629.5 Un355ag & AVTE MF TD 4.12/2:
Aeronautical Information Manual AVTE MF TD 4.12/3:
Airport Activity Statistics of Certified Air Carriers ENGR Tech Rpts. 629.5 Un356ai & ENGR MF TD 4.14:
Type Certificate Data Sheets AVTE MF TD 4.15's
Census of U.S. Civil Aircraft AVTE MF TD 4.18: & AVTE REF & HIKS Repository 629.582 Un29sc
FAA Air Traffic Activity ENGR & HIKS Repository 629.05 Un32ac
FAA Statistical Handbook of Aviation AVTE & HIKS Repository 629.582 Un39s & AVTE MF TD 4.20:
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