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CE 498 Civil Engineering Design: Eliciting Information from Stakeholders

A selection of sources useful for the CE 498 Senior Design Project

Stakeholder Interview Planning Worksheet

This worksheet will help you prepare for an interview with stakeholders. A successful interview is planned and targeted to find out specific information. 

Basics of getting information from stakeholders

The stakeholders know their clients, their staff, the community that they serve, current problems they are having, and they also have some ideas for solving those problems through design. 
¨What are the most important pieces of information that you have? That the stakeholders have?
¨Who are the clients? Who is using this structure?
¤How old are they?
¤Do they speak English?
¤What are their technical skills?
¤What are their physical abilities?
¤How many people are using this?


Personas are a tool to describe archetypes of users. It is a useful tool to compare design decisions to the needs of the users. 

Here are useful resources to learn why and how to create a persona:

Subject Guide

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