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Exploring Standards for Industry

Purdue Marketing Association Workshop - Spring 2021

Standards Research Opportunity w/ Prof. Phillips and Prof. Howard


Program: OUR Scholars: Libraries and School of Information Studies
Term: Full-Year 2021
Title: Exploring Business Student Experiences with Industry Standards
Research Area: survey methods; workplace information literacy

Contact Information

Mentor: Margaret Phillips
Mentor Email:
Mentor Department: Purdue Libraries & School of Information Studies
Supervisor:Heather Howard
Supervisor Email:

Description: Industry standards (e.g. International Organization for Standardization (ISO)) have a significant impact on business as a means to eliminate waste, reduce costs, market products (e.g. for quality, safety, interoperability) and lessen liability. Consequently, an understanding and the ability to use standards, agreed upon practices among interested or vested parties, is a critical workplace competency for those engaged in business and industry. To have a workforce competent in the use of standards, higher education curricula should integrate standards education. However, despite the importance of standards, they are not currently universally integrated into undergraduate business curricula (Phillips et al, 2019). In this study, we will survey undergraduate business students to answer this question: What academic and industry (e.g. internship, co-op, other employment) experiences do undergraduate business students have with industry standards?
Qualifications: Required: GPA - 3.0 (min) and significant interest in project focus. Preferred (but not required): Citi training certifications for social behavior research (group 2) and responsible conduct of research; prior coursework or research experience related to human subjects; prior coursework or research experience with qualitative and/or quantitative data analysis
Estimated Weekly Hours:6-8
Pay: $1000 ($500 pay stipend each term)
Credit Hours:1-2 (if desired, not required)

To Learn More and Apply:
Eligible applicants will be considered for a $1,000 Undergraduate Research Scholarship (in addition to the pay stipend)