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#PurdueLibs #BGRSelfie Photo Contest: Home

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Challenges: There are five challenges for the Purdue Libraries #BGRselfie Photo Challenge. Do them each day, or all together. Post your pictures on twitter or instagram with the hastag: #PurdueLibs #BGRselfie

1) Tuesday- Friday: Find Amelia! There is a cutout of Amelia Earhart which will be traveling to library spaces. Watch the @PurdueLibraries twitter for locations. Find her and get a #PurdueLibs #BGRselfie!

2) Post a #PurdueLibs #BGRselfie of your mentor’s favorite place to study.

3) Ask your mentor: What is the creepiest place in the Libraries? Find it and get a #PurdueLibs #BGRselfie

4)  Take the largest group #PurdueLibs #BGRselfie (most people) you can on the Hicks couches or other library space.

5)  Wed-Friday: Take your place in Purdue history. Visit Archives and Special Collections on the fourth floor of the HSSE library and get your #PurdueLibs #BGRselfie.

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