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Stable links


The best way to share scholarly resources is to use "persistent links" to the libraries subscriptions, rather than sending PDFs.  Sharing links:

  • is legal and in compliance with US copyright law
  • provides credit to the original author and journal
  • provides accurate usage statisics to the Libraries

The terms "persistent link" or "persistent URL"  is a Web link that remains stable and unbroken over time.

This guide will assist in creating "persistent links" for

  • "virtual" coursepacks,
  • course web pages,
  • research guides, and
  • other applications.

3 Common Ways

  1. URL from browser:
    1.  Copy the URL 
    2.  Add EzProxy prefix 
    3. Example: : URL
  2. Persistent link or stable URL:
    1. Look in database record for a Persistent Link (EBSCOhost) or Document URL (ProQuest) 
    2. Copy the Link or URL 
    3. Add EzProxy prefix 
    4. Example: URL
  3. Digital Object Identifier (DOI): This is the  most stable link to a document.
    1. Copy the DOI number
    2. Add EzProxy prefix and DOI prefix
    3. Example: Number

 See the tabs for more detailed instruction for each publication type.

Contacts for your library

Your subject librarian can help you find and use persistent links.

Use this link to find the name of the librarian in your subject area.