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Personal Information Management

How do you keep your stuff organized? When you file the perfect article, can you find it later? This guide will discuss personal information management, or PIM.

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Prof. Heather Howard

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What is Personal Information Management?

You may think of any of a number of topics when you hear the term "personal information management", also known as PIM.  PIM can refer to the management of emails, citations, papers or books,  personal productivity or the applications that help you achieve any of those tasks.  The books and blogs listed on this page will provide some ideas of how PIM can help you.

In the context of academic research, we often recommend citation managers such as EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley or Papers, to help collect, organize and share or cite citations to research literature in your field.  For that reason, citation management is discussed more thoroughly here.

Definitions of PIM

Books- Personal Information Management

Blogs & Articles - Personal Information Management

Personal Productivity Resources