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ORCID at Purdue

Learn about the benefits of creating an ORCID iD, how to register, and how to add to your ORCID record.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I use my ORCID iD?

Whenever you apply for a grant or submit a publication. You can also add it to your website, CV, or any other place you list your research.

What if I leave Purdue?

Your ORCID profile goes with you. It is not tied to a particular institution. We do recommend that you include an alternative email address on your profile so that you retain access if you leave Purdue.

I already have a Scopus Author ID/profile, is that the same thing?

It is not the same thing, however, you can import your Scopus author profile, among others, into your ORCID profile by following the steps found on the Scopus Profile page.

Other FAQs